Mixed Emotions

I’m experiencing mixed emotions this morning. I miss Tennessee something fierce, but I’m glad she made it home safe and without any drama, at least none she shared with me.

The trip to the airport included a detour up to Boulder where we found a lovely path to take some pictures in the glorious Colorado sunshine. Then a quick stop to do some souvenir shopping. At the airport I did something I’m normally so cautious about, I kissed and hugged her goodbye and didn’t care who saw or worry about if someone might say something. When did I get so brave?

I was teary all the way back to the house but managed to wait until I was alone before the ugly crying happened. I was up late waiting for her to get home so this morning I’m a bit hungover without the benefit of having been drunk first.

I’m also feeling a little guilty because I’m not totally sad this morning. In a couple hours I’m having brunch with a writer friend and a friend of hers. My friend’s friend is an artist who does cover art for books and has expressed interest in or at least a willingness to do the cover for my novel. I’m so excited y’all. To meet her, yes, but also that I’m taking another step toward making my dream of being a published novelist a reality.

Finally, I’m heading home today and I’m dreading the packing and clearing up. Why did I bring so much stuff? I’m going to miss these two furry bundles of love, but it’ll be nice to sleep in my own bed and cuddle with my own fur baby.

Lots to do today so I’d better hop to it. Have a great day and be well my friends.

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