Not Just Another Day

I know that Valentine’s Day is a construct of the candy, flower, and greeting card industries. I know that I should be cynical and dismissive. I’m too old and jaded. This is just another Tuesday, like every other Tuesday.

But I’m sitting at the table next to this:

They are so beautiful! They smell amazing! And I can’t stop smiling.

It doesn’t matter that my brain keeps telling me today is just like any other because here’s the thing — my heart knows better.

Today is the day Tennessee chose to celebrate how she feels about me and sent me flowers to show me. That makes today special.

There is something magical about Valentine’s Day that has nothing to do with how it came to be a holiday. Years from now, maybe even next year, I’ll be back to it’s just another day. But this year, this day is about feeling the joy of a new romance filled with promise.

So today I’m going to embrace the magic and fully enjoy these beautiful flowers and know that every time I breathe in their lovely scent it means that I am loved.

Happy Valentine’s Day my friends.

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