Please Believe Them

Last night at trivia there was possibly more laughter than I’ve ever experienced or witnessed with this group. We had several new people there who probably thought we were completely bonkers.

(Don’t be surprised if you soon see a video demonstrating various exercises for strengthening your two-finger salute.)

I am at a great place in my life with much to feel grateful for, but despite that, my evening started with tears. I was listening to my girlfriend’s playlist and missing her very much. All that laughter with my friends filled my soul with joy and lifted that sadness from me.

As the evening came to an end, however, I was reminded that laughter can sometimes be camouflage for a great deal of loneliness and heart break. I know that for several people around that table last night, there was grief and loss and anger and pain on levels they don’t show to the world.

I know some of their stories. In some cases I’ve lived a similar story. And because I have no right to tell their story I will make this all about me.

I understand that bone deep heaviness when you are sure you can’t survive another day. That kind of pain draws you in on yourself and the loneliness is a whole other person you are dragging through the world. You instinctively reach out to others and try to immerse yourself in their joy and laughter. Sometimes it buys you a reprieve, but just as often it makes the loneliness even worse because you see what you can’t feel.

If you’re lucky someone will reach out a hand and say I see you, you are worthy, it gets better, please stick around because the world needs you in it.

Please believe them.

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