Soul Crushing Commute

I’m having to do something this morning I haven’t had to do in years -commute into the office. It’s my own fault. I forgot my password and the only way to get it reset is for me to plug into the network and that is at the office.

So first, I‘m embarrassed I can’t remember my password. And second, I’m experiencing mad anxiety. My dread for driving during rush hour caused me to ask for leave this morning so I could go in after its mostly over.

I used to be such a warrior facing that soul crushing commute each morning. I’ve gone soft. But is that really a bad thing?

The pandemic was awful, but it showed employers and bosses that most of us could be just as productive or more so from home. It makes my blood boil to see that House Republicans are trying to make all Feds go back into the office. Bastards. But I digress.

Working from home has allowed me a much better work-life balance. Despite being an introvert I am very much a social creature, but I have never really liked socializing with my coworkers. I have a couple of them I consider good friends and I meet with then outside of work but mostly all that in office socializing just seemed wasteful when I had work to do. I much prefer to be social with my friends and professional with my colleagues. Does that make me a boomer?

Anyway, I’ve procrastinated long enough. Time to go get ready to do my penance for forgetting my password.

Be well my friends.

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