This is my 100th post. It’s hard to believe I’ve managed to stick with it this long or that I continue to have things to say. Granted nothing I have posted will win a Booker or a Pulitzer, but since that is not point of my writing I guess it doesn’t matter.

I’m still enjoying the process. Even on the mornings when it’s a struggle. I’ve come to appreciate that struggle.

I know that for some writers the words just come to them and that they are merely a conduit. Because that has never happened to me, I just assumed that must mean I wasn’t a very good writer. That used to discourage me.  

But the need to write never goes away for me. Some days the urge to write is so powerful. I get restless and the need to pick up the pen is relentless. You would think that on those days the words would just roll right out of me, but more often than not, those are the days the words just won’t come at all.

Being around other writers, however, has reassured me that the struggle is real for most of us, and that the practice of writing daily is what it takes to make the words flow more freely. Who knew creativity required such discipline?  

This is hard work. Fortunately, most of the time it doesn’t feel like work. The anxiety before pushing that publish button still comes from time to time, but mostly hitting it brings me satisfaction and joy.

Thank you to all of you read my blog, whether you do so daily or en masse when you can. And for those who provide feedback in whatever form that takes, likes, comments online, texts to check in on me, or kudos in person, you have my most humble appreciation. Please keep doing it.

Be well my friends.

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