Ode to a Coffee Cup

The last couple of blogs have been serious and kind of a bummer. However, it’s Friday and I’m feeling dramatic, but in a fanciful way. Whimsical maybe?

So today it’s Ode to a Coffee Cup.

For Christmas I got this lovely pink coffee mug with my initial on it. I’ll leave you to guess who gave me such a sweet gift.

To any outsider who sees it, they are not likely to see anything special about it. It’s your standard mug, not a cup at all. Dishwasher safe, microwave safe. There’s even another one in the cupboard just like it except it’s a boring white.

So why does it feel magical when I look at it? When I drink the nectar of the gods from it, I feel the promise of a wonderful day. Granted I feel this promise often enough because its powerful stuff. Life giving in fact.

But in this particular mug that life giving liquid feels infused with love and luck too. I feel as though I can conquer the day, the world even; that nothing can hold me back from my joy, from my bliss.

When I set my eyes upon my mug, hold it in my hand, contemplate its very essence, my soul smiles. And I know it’s gonna be a good day.

Not bad for a humble coffee mug.

Be well my friends

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