Slept Through The Whole Thing

Apparently I missed quite the disturbance last night, or rather in the wee hours of the morning. My mother has been using a vaporizer at night for several weeks, but for some reason last night, around 1 am, the smoke detector was triggered, causing chaos and mayhem.

Her dog, who has kindly included me in her pack, hates the sound of the alarm and I imagine it must hurt her sensitive ears. She does whatever she can to get away from the sound, so mom had to deal with her, unplug the vaporizer, take the fan, and put it as close as she could to the detector to try and clear the air, all while being completely sleep-addled.

By the time she was awake enough to realize she could just push the reset button, the fan had done its job and cleared the air, so the alarm stopped. It took her a bit to wind down and go back to sleep, which explained why she, who can never sleep past 6 am, was still asleep at 7:30 when I got up to make coffee.  

After getting up to pee, she asked me incredulously, “I guess you missed the fire alarm last night?” She then relayed the tale and has gone back to bed.

I obviously did miss the whole event, though I have no idea how. Granted we sleep at opposite ends of the house, and I am a sound sleeper, especially now that I use that confounded machine at night. But really, how did I sleep through the whole thing?

It is a bit troubling that I didn’t hear it, because that detector is loud, but for now, since it wasn’t a real emergency, I’m just going to be quiet so mom can get more sleep and watch the handful of robins in the tree outside my window. Also, maybe, be just a bit amused at the visual in my head of her and the dog running around the house and be grateful I had a good night’s sleep.

Be well my friends.

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