Joyful Movement

Yesterday I took time off from work to go with my mother to her doctor’s appointment. We completely forgot about our masks. We took the disposable ones from the front desk, and I caught myself griping about having to wear it. Mom did too. How quickly we forget, huh?

Anyway, did you know that high blood pressure can damage your kidneys? I never feel my mortality or physical failings more than when I go with mom to one of her appointments.

My goal for this year–not a resolution–was to move more, to bring joyful movement into my life as a priority. Not exercise, mind you, because that has diet culture all over it and triggers shame in me.

Every time I get started I bump up against someone or something that reminds that I “should” be dieting and exercising because I’m unhealthy. And it’s everywhere. It’s so insidious. Especially in January.

I know that it motivates some people but for me, it shuts me down. Makes me want to crawl into bed or into my recliner and say eff you. This then pisses me off more. I am determined not to repeat this cycle this year.

Last week during my tarot reading, my friend interpreted that the cards were saying I needed to change up my morning routine. So every morning this past week, except for yesterday, because of the appointment, I have been listening to at least one of the songs my girlfriend sent me and dancing to it.

Since her tastes run to country and jazz, I’ve been slow dancing with an imaginary her in my arms. It’s kind of embarrassing (and I feel a little guilty that this is the first mention of it, and I am hoping she won’t be mad that I shared it with everyone).

Embarrassing or not, I am enjoying it and I’m not going to stop. It’s good for my heart.

Be well my friends.

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