I am a visual and kinetic learner. I can’t just watch something being done. I have to do it also in order to learn it. Because of this, I had to write down copious notes to do well in school where we were given mostly auditory stimulus. I learned my spelling words by writing them down over and over again.

Even now I only listen to audio books for pleasure. If I want to learn from it, I need a physical book I can touch and see. It’s really no wonder why I’ve always felt compelled to write. It’s how I process what’s happening in my world.

So it surprises me a bit to know that some of the best things in my day-to-day life right now are audio.

Every day I look to see if my girlfriend has added a song to the playlist she created for us. If there are new songs then I listen to them along with “our” song which is, naturally, the first one. It always makes me smile.

The other amazing thing is the voice message function on FB messenger. We’ve started leaving little voice messages for each other just to say hi and I’m thinking about you. When I see the audio file pop up in my app I feel a frisson of anticipation.

When you are used to being able to be in the physical presence of the person you are dating you take for granted hearing their voice. Exchanging these messages has already become an important part of our connection, especially when our busy lives make it difficult to schedule sustained conversations.

My wish for you my friends is that you will find a way to stay connected to those important to you.  Be well.

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