A Night Out with Friends

I got a text out of the blue the other day inviting me to an outing at the theater to see A Christmas Carol. The performers were talented, and it was a lovely rendition of a story nearly two centuries old.   We had a great time!

I love going to the theater, ballet, opera, etc. So many wonderful date nights and nights with friends have been spent in venues of music and theater or roaming through masterpieces of paintings and sculpture.

It’s not always affordable though, either for me or some of my friends which is a shame. The arts, in whatever form, create a space where artificial constructs like race and gender don’t have to exist. We can just be human with an appreciation for creativity and talent.

There’s a certain amount of privilege in the Arts, I acknowledge that. But I firmly believe there should not be. It should be accessible to everyone.

It’s part of why I continue to support taxes and mill levies for my local school district even though I no longer have a child in school. It is why I like going to community theater whenever I can.

If it wasn’t for school arts programs and community theaters, those performers I got to enjoy last night would likely not be there. I cannot imagine a world with out art and music and storytelling. What an awful place it would be.

Alright, jumping off my soapbox, but before I go I need to acknowledge my wonderful friends. Thank you so much for including me in your adventures and experiences.

Be well my friends.

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