I love words and putting them together, to educate or elucidate, like this blog, or to weave a story in my fictional pieces. It is my passion. One I have finally fully embraced very late in my life.

But I have a love/hate relationship with poetry.

I love how liberating and releasing it feels to write a poem because it requires me to truly know how I’m feeling. I hate how vulnerable it makes me feel because it requires me to truly know how I’m feeling.

I love reading other people’s poetry, simple, complex, archaic, or modern, it doesn’t matter. I especially love it when I come across one that perfectly articulates how I’m feeling at the moment I encounter it.

Poetry is prose distilled down to its most essential core.

Poetry is magic.

But writing poetry truly requires vulnerability, not just when writing it but releasing it out to the world. I hate how exposed it makes me feel. The thought of sharing what I composed with others is truly scary. It is not always easy sharing my fiction or my blogs, but my poems are so intensely personal.

I don’t usually write poetry except when feeling extreme emotions. Sharing a poem allows an insight into my very being and that requires more bravery than I usually have.

So when I post a poem that I wrote, please be kind because I will have just shared my rage, grief, or joy with you in a way I could never express in a normal conversation. I will have let you see a piece of my soul.

Be well my friends.

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