I just got back from Hawaii in September but I’m ready to venture out again. I’ve got itchy feet.

I saw an advertisement for low fares on Amtrak. I love train travel and I haven’t been on one since before the pandemic. I would love another long weekend in Glenwood Springs. My favorite writer’s weekends have been there as I was able to start writing on the train. Maybe I could stay on the train all the way to San Francisco, then head south along the coast. Or go in the other direction to Chicago, then transfer to New Orleans. Book a sleeper car and just ride the rails.

Right now there’s a group of women that just finished up a week of amazing creativity and fun in Tuscany on a lifestyle retreat. I had the pleasure of being one of them back in 2019. The woman who runs them as Prone to Wander Retreats sent me notification this year of both the Tuscany trip and a new one to Marrakesh. I’ve been to Morocco but never made it out of Tangiers and would love to get a chance to visit Marrakesh. The pictures posted by the photographer and participants were amazing! Well, maybe next year.

I have so many places on my bucket list that I want to visit.  Some I could do solo but others it’s just safer not to be alone. I actually don’t mind traveling alone. I’ve done it often enough for work; but I don’t get to go to exotic and breathtaking places for work. I also go to writer’s retreats alone, and I prefer it that way. Being with someone requires time away from the writing.

However, I want to explore new places with someone who has the same appreciation for them as I do. Someone who will get up when its dark because the locals said watch the sunrise on that beach or who will try an unfamiliar food because it smells heavenly. Besides having to drag all your stuff with you every time you need to go to the bathroom sucks.

Maybe instead of a girlfriend I need to find a travel buddy. Someone with some flexibility in the times they can travel and the means to afford one big trip or several smaller ones each year. And if in our travels together, something more than a friendship develops, that would be alright wouldn’t it? That’s not too much to ask is it?

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