Feeling the Feels

I attended one of my book club meetings last night. We had a fun discussion about a book I recommended, “Legends & Lattes” by Travis Baldree.

During the discussion, our weekly trivia games came up. I realized that I don’t have that many more trivia nights left, and I got a little sad. One of the best things about this book is that the main character starts her life over and creates a community of like-minded folx that support her through the tough times.

I too have built a community of amazing humans who I’ve really grown to love and depend on.

I know that there are many ways to keep in touch and stay connected but as someone who served on active duty and moved often, I know how hard it is to maintain the same level of connection with those we leave behind. Usually there is one maybe two people, you keep in touch with though the communications are brief and intermittent. When we reconnect it’s easy to slide back into that old camaraderie, but it’s never quite the same again.

With the exception of my BFF, I have never before fit so well as I do with this current group of friends. I have found my family and they have been so supportive. I will miss them fiercely when I leave to start the next chapter of my life.

I don’t think I’ve ever taken for granted how grateful I am to have found them, but now that I know my time in their midst is winding down I’m determined to cherish every interaction and attempt to strengthen the bonds so that maybe those bonds will stretch all the way to Tennessee.

I’m feeling big feelings as I write this.  My therapist reminded me yesterday that it’s good to feel the feels and then its ok to move on.  I am ready for my next adventure. And it helps knowing that all my friends are happy for me. Makes it not so scary which lets me really enjoy the excitement and joy.

Thank you my friends.

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