Day 4

Media Circus Day

I’m trying not to be too gleeful and manage my expectations. After all, an indictment is not a conviction and there’s a reason they call him Teflon Don. Besides I have to be very careful about what I say and frankly he is not worth all that space in my head.

So on to more important things.

I got to see my kid yesterday. He came to do his taxes. He looks so much calmer and relaxed than he’s been in the most recent past. Considering how strongly the smell of weed was on him, I might could guess why. Because both his jobs are driving jobs, I worry. He has assured me that most of that smell is from secondhand smoke and he’s an adult living on his own so it’s none of my business, but that doesn’t stop the worry.

My NaNo project is coming along, though I only managed a few hundred words yesterday. Not only did I have less time to work on it, but also I ran into another problem point in the story. There are not enough sexual tension buildup scenes and I hit a spot where my main characters have the perfect opportunity for an interaction that I didn’t take advantage of the first two times. Sex scenes and even flirting scenes are not as easy as other action scenes, at least not for me. All those years of being repressed perhaps. Anyway today my goal is to fix that scene.

Finally, today is Tuesday so that means Trivia tonight. Except there’s snow and it’s really cold so I might end up missing another week and I’m seriously not happy about that. Fingers crossed that the weather cooperates because I miss hanging out with my friends.

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