Taking a Break

I’m definitely out of sync with the universe right now. The replacement of my work computer started with a 30 minute slow down due to an accident on the way. Then I can’t find a “legal” parking space. Then the computer that was supposed to be ready to go had some sort of Bios glitch, whatever the heck that means other than another 30 minutes added to my time.

Then I find out none of my friends except the host is going to be at trivia. There would likely have been some of the new folx, but I was so looking forward to that friendship energy where you just get to be. Hanging with a bunch of new people requires way more energy than I had to give. So I didn’t go.

I’m just not in a good place and don’t have much to give right now, so I’m going to take a couple of days away from writing this blog. I need to refocus and find some balance before I start my Camp Nanowrimo project on Saturday morning. I’ll be back soon. Take care and be well my friends.

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