Outreach Time

I’ve been very worried about a family member who has been in crisis mode for too long, They had literally been living under siege in their own home under dangerous and toxic conditions but yesterday a judge granted them a protective order and the offender is gone from the home.

 I know that there is more drama to come as there will be a divorce to wade through, but I’m hoping this relieves some of the pressure on them. They’ve been so worried about the danger to the physical self but now I’m worried about their mental health, as they have struggled with that for most of their life. Hopefully they will get a reprieve from fight or flight, but they are facing a long road to recovery.

I’m feeling seriously in caretaker mode but there is absolutely nothing I can fix. I’ve had to do caregiver and it totally sucks, because as I’ve already established I totally suck at it. It’s especially hard as I can ‘t even give them a hug because I don’t live nearby.

So here I am, not a proper caregiver for my mom, unable to caregive or caretake for this family member or my girlfriend and also I received two texts in as many days from friends who say they miss me. I gotta say I’m not feeling so good about my relationship skills at the moment. Even got my son’s therapist bill in my inbox too so as to remind me my son is still recovering from my bad mothering.

This is feeling very woe is me. Sorry. I know I’m not perfect, but I have great friends who are surprisingly forgiving. Time for me to do a little outreach I think.

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