Shouting into the Void

“For evil to flourish, it only requires good {humans} to do nothing.” Simon Wiesenthal. (I fixed it.)

Tennessee, Iowa, Florida, Idaho, Utah, Texas. WTF?

Indignation, outrage, revulsion, dismay, disgust, shock.

How is this getting so out of hand? It’s so bad that 200 Human Rights groups around the world are calling on the United Nations to intervene. The growing number of human rights violations occurring in the United States is alarming. The comparisons to 1930s Germany scares the bejezus out of me. The complacency of the vast majority of Americans is worse.

Why doesn’t somebody do something?

Oh, wait. I am somebody.

Is everyone else asking the same question and waiting for me to do something? That really is scary. What on Earth can I do?

I financially support various organizations that are trying to fight, like the Human Rights Campaign. I’ve even participated in phone campaigns to contact voters to reach out to their politicians.

I repost videos and messages about what’s happening elsewhere. But my platform is tiny, and my friends and “followers” are already aware of the atrocities that are happening, and I suspect they feel as helpless as I do. I hope that’s the case anyway. I’d  hate to think that there’s anyone in my circle that isn’t paying attention or doesn’t care.

I keep reading and listening to these well-meaning people who are sharing their concerns and raising the alarm, inciting people to be truly woke, to not be complacent. But I don’t hear many solutions.

Vote. Yeah, ok, I already do that, but I live in a blue state. All my vote does is keep the ick at bay in Colorado. How does that help?

This is not my first blog about this nor is it likely to be my last. But I had to say something again because I just saw that Florida is trying to pass a law that would require bloggers who write about public officials to have to register as lobbyists. So if I lived in Florida and I said DeSantis is a fascist pig I’d be forced to register and risk fines of up to $2500 per post. Are you kidding me? And again I ask, how can I do anything about that?

So many people I know say they can’t or don’t watch the news because it’s not good for their mental health. I get that. Staying on high alert and in fight or flight mode over the things that are happening is not good for anyone’s mental health. But if we’re all doing it, then no one is doing anything to stop the atrocities from happening and spreading.

I still don’t have answers, but I do feel a wee bit less helpless after writing this. Even if I am just preaching to the choir or shouting into the void at least I’ve said something.

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