I took a Benadryl last night and my brain is kind of mush this this morning. I am at the bottom of my first cup of coffee and the words are still fighting to surface.

So maybe just a quick update today.

You’ll be happy to know that Tennessee is feeling much better. A day of rest and lots of fluids as we binge watched some Netflix helped a lot.

Despite her not feeling very good at the start we managed to have a lovely day.  There may have been a bit of akimbo and askew too, but I not confirming or denying that. I even prepped a meal for her–if you are the type of person who calls a PB & J a meal.

Thank you to everyone who reached out with sympathy, encouragement, and advice. It was very much appreciated. For those of you going to trivia tonight, Tennessee is looking forward to meeting you.

Time to do my day job. Have a great day. Be well my friends.

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