“There are two forms of courage in this world. One demands that we jump into action with our armor on. The other demands that we strip ourselves bare-naked and surrender. Bravery is a curious thing.”

This meme appeared on my FB feed the other day and the quote is uncredited. I’m sure someone very wise said it.

I have a friend I’ve known a very long time who is one of the bravest people I know. She is currently fighting a battle that requires her to perform both types of bravery practically every day and has been doing so for years now.

Can you imagine the toll it must take on your soul? To constantly be armored to fight the enemy for your loved one while having to be vulnerable to and for that same loved one every single day.

I’m not dismissing any of my struggles or anyone else’s. This is not like comparative grief that I’ve written about before. This is me recognizing, and even celebrating and admiring, my friend’s courage. Because not only is she fighting the good fight, but she also has the additional courage to reach out and ask for help. If you knew my friend, you’d know that asking for help is not something that comes easy.

I often feel guilty about not being able to help out more but it’s not about me. She told me this:  “I just need to be in the presence of someone I care about and cares about me.” This I could do. A simple shared meal and conversation.  

Sometimes all someone needs is for us to just be there. Sometimes that requires our own act of courage.

Be courageous my friends.

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