High Tea and the 49ers

Yesterday was a great day full of friends and fun. The tea party was amazing. The location, a beautiful Victorian mansion called the Lumber Baron Inn and Gardens, was spot on. The tea and food were very good also.

But what made it special was the people who were there sharing the experience with me. The birthday girl, her wife, our mutual friends, and a new friend or two, well met. Everyone was dressed up in varying levels of fancy finery and the hats were stunning! Our section of the tearoom was filled with lively conversation and lots of laughter. It was truly delightful.

Afterward a few of us went to a friend’s house to watch the Cowboys and 49ers battle it out for a shot to go to the NFC Championship. Now I’m a Bronco fan through and through (condolences to us all for our horrible year) but my friend’s obsession of the 49ers is something I can fully support.

The fancy dress was replaced by red and gold by the hosts in full, in part by the others and I was lent a lovely pair of socks. It was a great game (a real nail biter), we ate great hot wings (thank you Georgia), and we shared more laughter.

And thanks to the win, we get to do it again next weekend, except I doubt there’ll be any fascinators.

Be well my friends.

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