Just Breathe

Apologies for the short post. Big feelings happening this morning.

There are significant changes taking place in my life. I’m not ready to talk about specifies publicly yet but the feelings are almost overwhelming, so I need to process them, and writing helps with that.

This is all about beginnings and endings so there is joy and sadness and fear-lots of fear. Why is there fear for both? It’s the unknown right?

For a new beginning, there’s no way to know if it will work out, or last, or be as joyful and amazing as it is now. In fact, I know that last bit can’t be…these wonderful feelings are not sustainable at the levels they are now.

For the ending, will it be soon or years from now, will there be pain or suffering? Please don’t let there be pain and suffering.

Either way the anxiety hurts mostly me and will only cause tension in my relationships.

Since anxiety is worrying about what might be, I know the solution is to stay in the here and now and just breathe… just be. So this is me, breathing and being.

Be well my friends.

One thought on “Just Breathe”

  1. Yes! Breathe. One day, one hour at a time, be in the moments. The unknown cannot be prepared for, and that is what hurts me most…not being able to plan or imagine how to handle EVERYTHING. But time has taught is that we survive (and sometimes thrive!) in the new places we couldn’t predict being in. Just breathe. And maybe read thing funny written in the 80’s😉….

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