Childhood Friend

Yesterday I got to hang out with the only woman who has been in my life almost as long as my mom. There’s so much history there. We weren’t always close, and I regret those years in the middle, but I’m so grateful to have her in my life again.

There are many reasons for this gratitude, but I’m going to focus on just one today. We are only six months apart in age.

I have several friend groups that I spend time with on a regular basis. In each of those groups I am either the oldest or the youngest in the group, sometimes it’s only by a year or two but, usually it’s by a decade, sometimes more. I love being with all my friends but there’s something comforting about being with another Gen Xer.

My friend and I had an entire conversation about it. Nobody else understands our brand of sarcasm, or the attitude of those of us raised, or not raised, by the Silent Generation.

There are Gen Xers that were raised by Generation Jones, and while we share some experiences, there are some significant differences. It’s not something easily put into words to explain to anyone outside that sweet spot.

Despite those differences, the whole of Gen X is vibe and it’s a real thing and IYKYK (to borrow from a younger generation).

For instance, I recently had a couple of chat interactions with friends where I was, frankly, rude. I apologized to both my friends and both accepted my apology. My millennial friend was gracious and kind. The Gen Xer was like, meh, whatever, I get it. Warms my heart.

I have a handful of Gen X friends and I know that they understand me. However, with my childhood friend, the comfort level is even greater because of all that shared history. I really need to spend more time with her.  Promise to myself to make that a bigger priority.

Be well my friends.

2 thoughts on “Childhood Friend”

  1. Yes! I feel like my kids tolerate my POV/sarcasm, (patronize me a little?)but only another Gen X can ENJOY the irony, the ‘i love you enough to give u my bare, honest opinion’, now give me yours back!

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