Happy New Year

I have really missed writing every day, but I needed that break to truly enjoy the holidays with those I love.

The time spent with my mom and with my found family over Solstice, Yule and Christmas was relaxing and fun.

Then I was with my new love and her family over the New Year’s weekend. I know some of you are hoping for some juicy details, but I’m still not sure how much I want to reveal. So here are some highlights.

Tennessee is beautiful; even in the depths of winter it holds its green. The small town where she lives is charming and surrounded by majestic mountains (ok they are more like hills compared to the Rockies but whatever).  The town is nestled nicely there, protected from the outside world with that beautiful buffer. It’s the kind of place you can understand why young people can’t wait to leave but the slow pace and the quiet are very appealing when you’re older.

I had my first experience with the ex who is now friend and still family. So not what I was expecting. I thought it would be awkward and that I’d feel jealous, but that didn’t happen. We had so much in common, it felt comfortable.

The nervousness around meeting the sister wasn’t too bad because we have had virtual interactions before, and I was pretty sure she already liked me. (She does yay!) Her fiancé, who I didn’t get to meet this trip, however, is not so impressed by me I think. He’s had to step up his game in the romance department since I’ve come into the picture. Hopefully he won’t hold that against me for too long.

I also had the privilege of meeting a very special little boy who is the heart of this little family. I’m looking forward to watching him grow up.

The time spent with the family was good. The time spent just the two of us was perfect, or as close to perfect as humanly possible. We did a really good job of staying in the moment so that the time didn’t just fly by and disappear. There was almost no awkwardness except maybe a little at the first hug in the airport, but even that was sweet and wonderful.

We learned more about each other, of course, and we laughed, a lot. Because we did such a good job of staying in the moment, there weren’t many tears, but they did manifest every time we let the fact of how little time we had together creep in.

Funny how the wisdom of some of Shakespeare’s words are still so true today. Parting was such sweet sorrow.

I’m glad to be back, but there is something, or rather someone, missing now. And I am so very tired. There is definitely a nap in my immediate future.

Be well my friends.

P.S. These were all the things that went right. Stay tuned for all the things that did not.

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