A Great Date

I debated with myself whether I should write about my date last night. Not because it was bad, it wasn’t. In fact I think it was one of our best so far. My reluctance, I think, comes from wanting to keep it to myself. It was very intimate and revealing.

I was included in one of my girlfriend’s favorite Christmas traditions, the decorating of the tree. I had a ringside seat to the wonderful chaos that ensued.

There was the inevitable string of lights that didn’t work, the search for fuses or another set of lights, which included a trip to the Walmart. Sadly, the Walmart did not have the appropriate lights, so the tree decorating was not completed last night. This ironically made the night that much more special.

I got to see her in her element, interacting with her family, doing something she absolutely loves doing, despite it not going to plan. I observed the dynamic between her and her sister, got to have interesting side conversations with said sister, and participate in the teasing and laughter. There was lots of laughter.

Later we had some time just for ourselves and talked more about family.  I shared with her some of my complicated feelings about my dad and there were some tears.

It was a great date. I’m looking forward to the next one, but I’m trying to stay in the present, so I’ll just savor this feeling of contentment I’m experiencing for now.

Be well my friends.

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