Bears and Baskets

I had a completely different post planned for my first, but last night’s adventure changed that.

When I first realized I was never going to be happy unless I lived an authentic life, I began the process of detaching from people who I knew were toxic and would never accept the real me. That left a pretty small community, though I will forever be grateful to them for supporting me fully.

My first dip into the lesbian dating pool was not all that I had hoped. (It was a complete trainwreck if I’m honest, but that’s not the story for today.) As with most disasters, there were lessons to be learned. The greatest lesson I learned was I had so much to learn, which kind of sucked.

There aren’t exactly readily available books or google entries about how to be a lesbian when you’re 50. So I wasn’t going to find answers in books which was very distressing for a bookworm like me. I needed to find my people, to teach me and support me while I learned.

The path was lonely, treacherous, painful, and even had a pandemic thrown in, but I found them. They are beautiful souls, who have completely embraced me – all of me, the real me. They fill my world with laughter, wonder, joy, chaos, and adventures that sometimes involve misdemeanors. (IYKYK)

They are more than friends; they are my sisters. They are my tribe. (Written with sincerity knowing that it is completely and inappropriately appropriative)

Thank you all.

5 thoughts on “Bears and Baskets”

  1. Thank you for celebrating my Freedom Day. I’m thankful you’ve been a part of my journey to rediscover myself these past few years. Who knew that deciding to come to karaoke one day would lead to Marvel Mexican Mondays, Trivia Tuesdays, and Bears and Baskets OH MY!

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